Big Trees of Kitchissippi is a citizen-run group that advocates for the protection of healthy, mature trees in Kitchissippi Ward.

Bumble Bee Watch tracks North American bumble bees to help identify threats, estimate populations, and promote best practices. Contribute your own bumblebee sightings and help grow the database.

eBird is the world’s largest biodiversity-related citizen science project, with more than 100 million bird sightings contributed each year by birders around the world. Be part of the scientific community by adding your sightings. Lots of good birding resources, too!

i-Tree has a collection of science-based tools that quantifies the value and benefits of trees.

Mission Monarch is part of an international research and education effort aimed at saving the migratory populations of this endangered species. A great way for kids and adults to get involved as citizen scientists.

National Tree Benefit Calculator lets you estimate the dollar value and other benefits associated with different species and sizes of trees.

Park People brings community park groups together from all across Canada and provides research, information, networking, and capacity building, as well as access to funding for community parks and greenspaces.

Tree Fest Ottawa connects people with trees, inspires dialogue and learning, and transforms how we see, engage with, and act in the world around us.