New! Bird inventory of Carlington Woods available to download as a checklist on your next hike. We know it’s far from complete, so keep those observations coming!

Carlington Park has a diverse resident population of animals, birds, insects, and reptiles, as well as other animals who commute to the Park for food.

Listed below are just some of the animal species that can be found in Carlington Park and the Clyde Woods portion of the EPA. We’ll keep adding to it, so if there’s an animal – bird, mammal, insect, reptile, amphibian – that should be on the list, let us know.

American goldfinch
American redstart
Bank swallow
Barn swallow
Bat (little brown, tri-coloured, big brown)
Blackburnian warbler
Black capped chickadee
Black crowned night heron
Blue jay
Brown thrasher
Bumblebee (varieties)
Cedar waxwing
Chimney swift
Chipping sparrow
Common nighthawk
Downy woodpecker
Eastern milk snake
European starling
Grey catbird
Honey bee (varieties)
Monarch butterfly
Mouse (house, field)
Pileated woodpecker
Red-tailed hawk
Song sparrow
Squirrel (black, grey, red)
Swallowtail butterfly